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Running with Scissors - Augusten Burroughs As I am reading this, the wheels are turing in my mind that I rented this movie at some point. The movie was gawd awful, and taking a look at the reviews here, this book may reveal the same trend. I will give it another 24 hours and if I can take it, otherwise off to the PaperBackSwap pond.

This book has me completely repulsed, but I can't stop reading it! I am appauled at the lifestyle the author had to live with while growing up. Yet, I am amazed at the inner spirit he must have had to overcome growing up in an environment that what was essentially like living in a mental institution. If the book jacket didn't say it was a true story, I would swear it was fiction.

I still think the movie was horried, however, the book is reading pretty good. I will finish it probably sometime today.

Finished. Bizzare. I still like the train wreck analogy. Was a very fast read and the book was not too long. I would recommend this book. The characters were well developed (while bizzare) believable.